The Story


How it All Began // 


If I’m honest, I never thought I would start a jewelry business. The closest I ever came to being this creative was my desire to become an art teacher and that passed rather quickly. But nonetheless, this idea came together because of multiple aspects in my life:

1. A huge transition was coming and it would require some extra hustling. 
2. An itch to give back. Support causes. Fight the good fight. Not waste my life.
3. I do have a creative side and she was begging to be used again. 

    All these factors lead to some dreaming. 

    I was sitting on a plane. Traveling back to Atlanta after just celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and I was thinking about the start of a new year. The year 2020. Anyone else out there do some of their best thinking on a plane? Flying is inspiring. 

    2019 had been a tough year. A lot of ground had been covered, painful ground. I was expectant for the calendar year to change, ready for the excitement of something different. I knew a big change was on the horizon for me, I had already made the decision to transition out of a career in ministry and move to Texas in order to go to school full time. Knowing this decision would put me in a different financial position, I started a note on my phone about a potential side hustle. This idea was the small seed that eventually grew into Something Bold. 

    I wanted a company that wouldn’t just influence me, but would also help others. At the time I had the idea to launch 20 different collections (for the year 2020), and with each collection some of the proceeds would go towards a worthy cause. Although lovely, 20 was a bit ambitious. BUT, the hope of using my business to support others, wasn’t beyond the scope of possibility and this idea stuck. Which means that with every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the Collection’s named cause! Something lovely to wear AND supporting others...I am only seeing the upside here.

    As for my creative side, Something Bold jewelry is currently being made with polymer clay. Which I had an affinity for back in my High School days...hence the art teacher aspirations. It has been a total blast to shake the dust off an old skill and bring it to life again.

    And those are the three threads of this story woven together. A little hustle, a little heart, and a whole lot of creative freedom.

    The Name // 

    The idea for the name came from my big decision to leave a career I love, a city that has become home, and to pursue a degree in Theology. 

    Uprooting my life and moving away, making a decision to be in a very different financial situation seemed largely scary. Even launching my own business, no matter how small, seemed like a leap. But I didn’t and don’t want to make decisions based on fear, so here we are. Stepping into all these things, doing something bold. 

    And my hope is this name inspires you to do the same. 

    to make a statement: 
    speak something BOLD.
    go for something BOLD.
    wear something BOLD.


    So be bold friends. Not the scary circa 2007-shaved-head-Britney Spears kind of bold. But the hopeful kind of bold. The bold where we speak life and influence the world we live in. Whatever flavor or fashion, do something bold. And buy a beautiful bold pair of earrings to wear as you do it!